Ranveer Singh – Crazzy fashion Style A Fashion Evolution

Ranveer Singh

Ranveer Singh has portrayed some of the most intense characters in Bollywood. He is one of the most vibrant people in the industry. His eccentric fashion clothes inspire youngsters from across the country to try new fashion styles.  He probably is the only Indian actor with such a different dressing style. I think it won’t be wrong to call or address him as the Lady Gaga of Bollywood.

He is a dream come true for designers with an eclectic sense of design, because he can carry off anything with much ease.

Many people may hate his style, and his clothes and not follow his fashion, but you can’t help but give him the attention he seeks wearing them. Our man here can pull off a skirt, a psychedelic print and a Rajasthani kurta, all in the same breath.

Ranveer said “That’s actually not true. Ranveer has worn and looked amazing in classics on several occasions. He has the personality to carry those off with as much flair.”

Ranveer Singh is an actor known for his loud behavior and dressing style. But the best part part about him is that he doesn’t copy anyone and has his own unique style.

Styled by Nitisha Gaurav, the actor has his own fashion norms and love to defies

Nitasha Gaurav

Ranveer Singh

Ranveer deserves drum rolls for carrying off this look so confidently. A statement t-shirt with a silk gown, pajamas and Sylvester slippers…that too at an award ceremony! Styles by Nitesh Gaurav

At Award Function

Ranveer event

Ranveer promotions


Airport Look




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